Courtesy of Ryann, 14, at Turning Point Learning Center

Are you or a loved one struggling academically or socially?

We have all experienced those turning points in our lives. The moments when we make a decision which changes everything. Where we know that right then and there, we are re-defining ourselves and shifting the course of our life.


We can either keep on cruising on the same old track, or we can veer off path and forge our own trail. We can literally re-define our future and write a brand new script for our life.


These are the moments where one decision changes everything. Choose a Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program for yourself or a loved one and experience positive change, as a turning point and

a new start to a brighter future! 

Tools for Learning
The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program is a 5-day, individualized program for people from ages 8 on up.  The program addresses reading, writing, math and/or attention deficit disorders.
If you have a child age 5 - 7, The Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners may be right for you!
Increase Self-Confidence
A Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program corrects dyslexia symptoms and shows individuals how to use their intelligence, curiosity, and creativity to attain skills for learning and increase self-confidence!  If you or a loved is talented but yet struggling in school, work or with social skills, this program may be right for you.  Schedule an Assessment today!
Discover Your Talents
Read the best-selling book by Ronald D. Davis and discover the Gift of Dyslexia! 


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