Davis® Math Mastery Program

Turning Point Learning Center provides five to eight consecutive days of individualized counseling from licensed facilitator, Kristi Brown, M.Ed. The Program is typically Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. A lunch break is taken for one hour from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. The Program benefits ages 8 through adult.  Generally recommended for individuals who do not experience reading difficulties or who have previously received a Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program.


With Davis® Orientation Counseling, a client will learn how to correct perception and perceive accurately at will. By learning the Davis tools, individuals will gain the knowledge and skill necessary to access their own learning potential. When used, these tools can open the doors for a lifetime of learning and success.


Davis® Symbol Mastery techniques match the non-verbal or picture thinking learning style.  This visual/spatial approach allows clients mastery of the foundation concepts underlying all mathematics: Change, Cause-Effect, Before-After, Consequence, Time, Sequence, and Order vs. Disorder.  Symbol Mastery practice on Story Problem Trigger Words: For example the word "by." The common meaning in everyday language would be "close to." There are two separate meanings which must be mastered for accurate comprehension in math -- for multiplication the meaning would be "using as a multiplier," and for division the meaning would be "into groups of".


Expected results from the Davis® Math Mastery Program:


  • Acquire meaning for foundation concepts supporting mathematics: Change, Consequence, Cause/Effect, Before/After, Time, Sequence, Order vs. Disorder

  • Ability to compute basic operations:  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Telling time

  • Ability to write numerals without reversals

  • Confusions resolved with understanding math terms and symbols

  • Word problem comprehension

  • Ability to sequence

  • Understand a calendar


Also included:


  • A Student Backpack Kit with a manual and materials necessary for successful follow-up to the program.

  • Results assessment interview

  • Support Training for parents, teachers, or tutors: Friday afternoon. Participants observe modeling of skills, engage in hands-on activities, and gain knowledge of how to guide student at home with new skills

  • Additional follow-up hours included with program package

  • Email and phone consultations included with program package