Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners

The Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners is an individualized learning enhancement program for children ages 5 - 7. Turning Point Learning Center provides 25 - 30 hours of individualized counseling from licensed facilitator, Kristi Brown, M.Ed. The Program is typically no longer than 3 hours each day.     


During the program, the Facilitator will work directly with the child, and at the same time provide hands-on training and guidance to a participating parent or other family member, who must be present at least 50% of the time.

With Davis Focusing Strategies, a client will learn how to be mentally and physically focused on the learning task at hand. By learning the focusing strategies, children will gain the knowledge and skill necessary to access their own learning potential. These tools give children a successful start to their educational journey.


Davis® Symbol Mastery techniques match the non-verbal or picture thinking learning style.  This visual/spatial approach allows children to master the alphabet, punctuation marks, and basic sight words by 3-Dimensional, hands-on modeling in clay.


The Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners teaches reading strategies that strengthen left-to-right eye movement for accurate word decoding.  It also improves skills with word recognition, fluency, comprehension, and retention.


Expected results from the Davis® Reading Program For Young Learners:


  • Ability to focus attention

  • Improve eye-hand coordination

  • Learn the alphabet

  • Learn basic punctuation

  • Improve sight word recognition and comprehension

  • Develop and strengthen pre-reading and basic reading skills

  • Establish life-long "how to learn" skills

  • Prevent the potential of a learning problem

  • To provide support of skills and confidence to a child’s parent(s) enabling

      them to continue working with child at home for successful academic achievement



Required Supplies:

Davis Young Learners Kit for Home Use