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Are you a teacher who would like to meet the needs of all students in your classroom? Then Davis Learning Strategies® is the answer!

  • Davis Learning Strategies® are geared for Kindergarten through 3rd grade and are extremely valuable for schools, home schooling parents or anyone who is responsible for educating children. Other support services who need Davis Learning Strategies® are Special Education/Resource Room, Title I, Reading Recovery, After-school tutoring.

  • Davis Learning Strategies® enable students to master letters, punctuation marks, and basic words using “hands on” methods that are alternative to paper-pencil activities.

  • Davis Learning Strategies® give students strategies which help them learn how to manage “self” and reading strategies that work, no matter what their learning style.”



For more information about Davis Learning Strategies®, please visit the website at

Dictionary Skills at a Davis Learning Strategies Teacher Workshop

I cannot imagine being a teacher and not knowing about these strategies.

---Kristi Brown, M.Ed.


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