Kristi Brown has been an educator for 32 1/2 years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education K-12 in 1989 from Kansas State University, with an emphasis on coaching. She coached high school girls volleyball for 15 years.  In 1998, she began working with children in the resource room and in 2001, she received her Master of Education from Regis University. 


I first learned about the Davis Program from one of my students. I was amazed at the tremendous improvement I saw in only one week. I wanted to be able to do that for others—help them gain new self-confidence and show them how to take charge of their learning. I was so inspired by this student and his father’s loving support that I decided to become a Davis Facilitator.  Kristi became a Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator in July of 2003. 


Kristi owns and operates Turning Point Learning Center, LLC. She is dedicated to providing individualized Davis Correction Programs, helping people overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

From a personal experience, working with Kristi, she took my seven year old who was so dyslexic that he hated himself and thought he was worthless in this life because nothing in his world was working the same as for those around him.  He did not understand what the difference was and why he saw things so differently, or how to fix it.  When we figured out what was wrong, Kristi assessed my son and took him in for the Davis Program.  My son today, four years later is at the top of his classes in school, reads at top levels for his grade, and is more organized than I have ever seen.  She has shown my son how to change his life.  He no longer talks about his life being worthless.  Kristi has been a marvel to me.  She is very proficient in working with parents, school teachers, and/or community members to assist the student to achieve their success.  Her use of the tools, ability to understand people, experience in the field of education, and personal experience and knowledge of the Davis Program makes Kristi a valuable leader in her profession!




Helping someone to be able to do something that has been difficult for them is extremely rewarding. --- Kristi Brown


1984 - 1989

Bachelor of Science, Physical Education K-12

Kansas State University

1998 - 2001

Master of Education,

Special Education Moderate Needs Ages 5-21

Regis Universtiy, Denver CO


  • Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Program Facilitator, since 2003