Post-Program Assistance

The Program is a turning point and a new start for the future.  The client will need to practice specific activities post-program in order to strengthen his/her new skills/tools.  Like all new skills, continued practice is essential for retention and continued improvement.


  • A Mastery Schedule, determined by the client, is sent home to guide the pace of follow-up work.  This schedule is flexible and made to be altered according to the seasons and activity schedule of your family.


  • Support persons and the client are welcome to call or email the facilitator for answers to further questions regarding the Davis skills.


  • Three post-program sessions are available which provide review of any skills and guided practice of specific activities learned during the Program.  These can begin anytime once the program is completed.  Parent or client may request to schedule a

      1 -2 hour post-program session with the facilitator.


  • Hourly fees apply to additional post-program sessions not included in regular program fee.


Remember, the whole Program is a process.  It involves active participation by the licensed Davis facilitator, the client, the parents/guardians and support personnel over a long-period.  The effort is definitely worth the results!