I can read a page of text and actually remember and understand what I read without having to go back and reread the same page several times.  Reading is no longer frustrating for me.

--Kim, 35 yrs

I'm better organized and it's easier to focus.  I can take responsibility by myslef, so no one has to remind me.

---Anthony, 11 yrs

I’ve been reading better. I learned how to make clay models to help me learn how to understand words and symbols. I’m getting better grades in math cause I’m focused. When I get in the classroom, I can bring my energy down. 
---Tanner, 11yrs

I am 48 years old and in my second year of the Physical Therapist Assistant program. I am so thankful for the Davis Dyslexia program that I took with Kristi because I would not be where I am today if I hadn't taken her course. She helped me overcome my reading problems and gave me the confidence to go and be a success. Kristi, thanks so much. 

---Gwen, 48 yrs


What makes me special is that I have dyslexia and I can see things in ways other people can’t see them.

---Emalie, 9yrs


I can read lots quicker, notice words, and know what they mean. 

---Jaxon, 10 yrs


I’m a lot calmer. I don’t worry so much. I notice things that I hadn’t before. I can do stuff I never dreamed I’d be able to do.

---Randi, 9yrs


I can read, spell, sleep and focus better. I’m speaking more fluently. 
---Joel, 14 yrs


It’s been awesome! Less anxiety while I’m trying to learn or when I’m in front of people. I have a desire to learn now. I have more confidence and I enjoy reading more. I have a much better and stronger perspective on my life now! 
---Kerri, 49 yrs


I’m smarter now! Better at reading and writing and I can balance better. 
---Megan, 8 yrs


I have a different, better outlook on everything. I feel more confident at reading! 
---Colton, 19

Kristi Brown has been one of the single most important assets to our staff and community. Kristi has dedicated herself to improving the educational experience for ALL children. As a licensed Davis Facilitator and licensed Davis Learning Strategies Mentor/Presenter, Kristi has been instrumental in changing the lives of many children. I personally like to refer to her as a miracle worker! She has worked with many struggling children through her Davis program which has enabled them to become strong, successful learners and ultimately positive contributors to society! If you are looking for a smart, genuine, sincere, dedicated, outstanding person—you need to look no further!!! Kristi can and will help you or your child find success and a new love of life!  
---Kelli, 37 yrs, Superintendent of Schools



The art of teaching is the art
of assisting discovery.
--Mark Van


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